Jeep tour of Arakul shihan rocks and sanctuary of big Allaki

On this trip we combine two monumental, hard-to-reach and textured natural locations - the "Stonehenge" and the "Chinese Wall" of the Urals. We will get to the Arakul Shikhan Mountains, climb to their summit and look at 11 Ural lakes. And then we will find ourselves at the site of an ancient sanctuary and look at petroglyphs.
What's in store for you
Conquer the "Chinese Wall" of the Urals
The Arakul Shikhany are a narrow and high wall stretching from the north to the south of the Chelyabinsk region. We will get here on prepared off-road vehicles and make an ascent to one of the highest points of the Shikhany, the Chamberlain peak. You will have a fantastic view of 11 Ural lakes, rocks and forests. Fossils and mollusk remains will be found under your feet every now and then, because we are walking along the reef of the ancient sea!
Great Allaky: drawings of primitive people
Our second destination will be the Great Allaky, a prehistoric sanctuary in the form of bizarrely shaped rocks that rise in the middle of an open field. You will understand why this place is called "Ural Stonehenge", you will find drawings of ancient people on the rocks and understand what they mean. You will admire the large lake of the same name, and in summer you can swim here.

Approximate timing of the excursion
8:00 - departure from Ekaterinburg
10:30 - arrival at Arakulsky Shikhan
12:00 - lunch (tea, cookies or hot meal by agreement)
14:00 - arrival at the sanctuary Bolshiye Allaki
15:00 - departure back to the city
18:00 - return to Ekaterinburg
Timing is approximate and can be adjusted depending on the speed of the route and weather conditions.

Organizational details
  • Price per car (1-4 persons)
  • The tour is conducted in vehicles prepared for off-roading
  • There will be a guide-driver from our team with you
  • The walk on Shikhan will take about 1 - 1,5 hours, be sure to choose comfortable and practical clothes according to the weather. The route can be handled by adults and children from 10 years old.
  • There will be tea with cookies in the car for you, also it is possible to order additionally hot meals or to take a snack with you
  • In case of difficult weather conditions the excursion can be postponed or the route can be changed
  • It is possible to order more than one car, to organize a corporate trip.