jeep tour to the cliffs of Chortovo Gorodishche

We invite you to admire and appreciate the picturesque rocks of the Urals: Chertovo Gorodishche and Sokoliny Kamen. These are giant rocks that will impress you with their centuries-old history and bizarre shape. You will learn how they were formed and what amazing legends are associated with them.
What to expect:
Mysterious Ural rocks
You will visit Sokoliny Kamen - giant rounded rocks, as if scattered on the ground, and the famous Chertovo Gorodishche - granite rock massif near Iset settlement. Climb to their tops and admire the surrounding panoramas: mountains, forests and lakes. We will tell you how these unusual places appeared and what explains their original shape.

Approximate timing of the excursion
9:00 - departure from Ekaterinburg
10:30 - arrival at the Sokoliniy Kamen
11:30 - Chertovo Gorodishche
12:00 - lunch (tea, cookies or hot meal by arrangement)
12:30 - departure back to the city
15:00 - return to Ekaterinburg
The time is approximate and can be adjusted depending on the speed of the route and weather conditions.

Organizational details:
  • Price per vehicle (1-4 persons)
  • The excursion is conducted in vehicles prepared for off-roading
  • You will be accompanied by a guide-driver from our team
  • Adults and children can handle with the route
  • There will be hot tea with cookies in the car, you can also order hot meals or take a snack with you.
  • In case of difficult weather conditions the excursion can be postponed or the route can be changed.
  • It is possible to order more than one car, to organize a corporate trip.