Extreme route to Shunut Mountain

Shunut Mountain is famous first of all for the road that goes all the way up to the top, the "Shunut Bam". It is a very changeable road that goes through swamps and depends directly on the weather. There are many legends and unusual stories about Shunut. Also movies were shot on Shunut.
What is waiting for you
Mount Shunut (Shunut Mountain), is the highest point of Konovalovsky Uval, the height above sea level is 726m. From the top there is a stunning view of the nearby mountains and towns. At the bottom there is a green carpet of taiga for many kilometers.
The Platonida Spring is a legendary and mystical place covered with legends and myths. From the ground there is a spring of pure water, and next to it there is a grave of the old woman Platonida honored by the Old Believers. Old Believers hold their rituals here.

Approximate timing of the excursion
9:00 - departure from Ekaterinburg
11:30 - arrive at Shunut Mountain
12:30 - lunch (tea, cookies or hot meal by agreement)
14:00 - arrival to Platonida spring
15:00 - departure back to the city
18:00 - return to Ekaterinburg
Timing is approximate and can be adjusted depending on the speed of the route and weather conditions.

  • Organizational details
  • Price per car (1-4 persons)
  • The tour is conducted in vehicles prepared for off-roading
  • There will be a guide-driver from our team with you
  • There will be tea and cookies in the car, you can also order a hot meal or take a snack with you.
  • In case of difficult weather conditions the excursion can be postponed or the route can be changed.
  • It is possible to order more than one car, to organize a corporate trip.