Sugomak Complex

Sugomak is a complex of mountain, cave and lake. It is located in
the northern part of the Chelyabinsk region.
What awaits you:
Climbing up Sugomak Mountain with stunning views of Sugomak Lake on one side and Egoza Mountain on the other.
Descent to the Sugomak cave, which is unusual because it is formed in marble rock, which is extremely rare.

Approximate timing of the excursion
8:00 - departure from Ekaterinburg
10:30 - arrival at Sugomak Mountain
12:00 - lunch (tea, cookies or hot meal by agreement)
12:30 - descend to the cave Sugomak
15:00 - departure back to the city
18:00 - return to Ekaterinburg.
The time is approximate and can be adjusted depending on the speed of the route and weather conditions.

Organizational details:
  • Price per vehicle (1-4 persons)
  • The excursion is conducted in vehicles prepared for off-roading
  • You will be accompanied by a guide-driver from our team
  • Adults and children can handle with the route
  • There will be hot tea with cookies in the car, you can also order hot meals or take a snack with you.
  • In case of difficult weather conditions the excursion can be postponed or the route can be changed.
  • It is possible to order more than one car, to organize a corporate trip.